Word from the Lord 11/08/2015

This word and prayer was delivered to us through Sr. Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown, after the recorded message:

The rise of a man’s spirit, in the greatness that he (possesses) is locked deep within that person from the day he was born. Who you’re called to be, and you are destined to be is hidden in the Lord.

Truly when you accept Him as Savior, He becomes, through His Holy Spirit, the instrument that drives you to that greatness.

The world is working fiercely to distort your approach. The forces that work against you try hard to make you not depend on My Spirit, sayeth the Lord.

Wasn’t the first sin of man, and the fall of man, for Satan to say to them, “Has God truly said“?, to question what I’ve said? To question My true concern for you? “For He knows truly you will become like gods”, was a deception to fool them, not to just not hear Me, but to believing that they were not what they already were. For truly they already were made in My image and Likeness. They were like Me.

And so are you. You were made in My image, and My Likeness, and you are more like Me than you believe you are. But your senses, the sensory of this world is designed to make you not depend on the Spirit in which you were made, but on the languages that you’ve learned; the experiences that you have, in the limit of your ability to see.

For truly when I said to Abraham, “Come out of your tent, and count the stars”, it was to get him beyond what he could already see. We’re not talking about a poor man, we’re talking about a man I made very, very rich.

He had no physical or financial needs. But he had not the ability to see beyond his limitations. The challenge to come out of where you’re comfortable, and look at what you cannot comprehend is designed to stretch you beyond your limitations. It’s not a hard job. You will practice. You will practice. You will study to show yourself approved, and you will practice. And it will become who you are, not just what you do.

I’ve called you to soar like an eagle, above the clouds of storm. You’ve been comfortable hiding in a storm. That’s not My plan for you, sayeth the Lord. That’s not My desire for you.

More than conquerors I’ve called you. It was not by accident. It’s not a figure of speech. No one can conquer the area I’ve created you to live in, and excel in. Stop surrendering your ground so easily. Stop giving up hope without a stance. I’ve called you to win, sayeth the Lord. I expect you to win.

Prayer by Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown:

By the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release on each and every one of you right now, the anointing to persevere beyond the veil. I release on each and every one of you right now the ability to stand beyond your mind, your limitations. I release on you right now the confidence to be still and sit in His presence, no matter what the circumstances around you seem to be throwing in your direction. I release on you right now, the ability to own peace, and not just borrow it from time to time. I release on you right now, the ability to know the truth, and be made free by that truth. I release it on you right now, in the name of Jesus.

I say each and every one of you are coming to a new level this day. I say each and every one of you are excelling into a new realm that you won’t even understand how you got there, other than you just waited for the Lord. I’m saying today that those things that were a challenge to you, will cease to be a challenge to you, in the next thirty days, as you sit before the Lord, still, and let Him speak to you. As you continue to invite Him in all of your circumstances, whether you think they are good or bad.

I’m making a vow to you, as Pastor of this house, that as you obey this Word, in the next thirty days, you will see your life change drastically. I’m making this vow to you. Don’t just invite God into the things you’re proud of, invite Him into the things you’re most ashamed of.

And I’m promising you, within the next thirty days, your life will change.

Those who agree said, “Amen”.