Word from the Lord 12/21/2014

This word was delivered by Sr. Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown, after our recorded message.

This is the season of prosperity. But we are being re-educated about what prosperity is. We are being converted to an understanding of spiritual legacies…. God has given us the power to get wealth… God asks me (to) put things in the right place. God is the only thing that is above me.

Now the light has come; dawn has broken in our heart… God is changing us in ways we didn’t understand. Stay quiet, strong at peace. At this season the world will be very noisy with distraction. Don’t get caught up with the things that will put grief in our spirit. Truly God is justice for those who seeks His justice and righteousness. The events are all designed to distract us on truth.

Peace is the criteria of our decisions, the foundation of what we put out foot on… starts our day, ends our day. Stay focused in the things of the kingdom- great is our reward.There will be no kingdom apart from His kingdom- keep your eyes on My kingdom.

Stay in peace- let not your heart be troubled neither let to be afraid.