Sermons on change

How high is free? (Pt. 3)

How high is free? (Pt. 3) Speaker: Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown. In this weeks message we learned that in the realm of the Spirit we need to go deep before we go up. We need to stop asking God for a promotion without asking for expansion in the realm of the Spirit. Be blessed by this weeks message.

New Chapter

Speaker: Edwidge Michel Title: New Chapter Description: In this week’s message Sister Edwidge shares her revelations and growth as she starts a New Chapter in her life. Be Blessed By This Weeks Message!

The Anointed Mind Pt.4

Speaker: Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown Title: The Anointed Mind Pt.4 Description: In this weeks’ message we learned that while we are in the world, we have a destiny to fulfill that is bigger then the limitations we’ve created or what we allowed people to create around us.