Sermons on truth

True Calling Pt. 2

Speaker: Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown Title: True Calling Pt.2 Description: In this week’s message we learned that God desires truth in our innermost heart and wants us to know the truth in it. Be blessed by this week’s message!

As A Man Thinks

Speaker: Pastor Wm. Di’Mon Brown Title: As A Man Thinks Description: In this weeks’ message we learned, that feelings are a bad indicator of truth. Feelings are not a reliable indicator of God is saying or doing , EVER!

Loyalty (Unscripted Pt.5)

Speaker: Dr. Angelique Brown Title: Loyalty (Unscripted Pt.5) Description: In this weeks message we learned that, God is loyal and consistent to honoring his word. So therefore we all need to be loyal and consistent in operating and encompassing his word.